About Us

We Believe That The best days start with a homemade meal

Do you miss your home food, the taste that you have grown up on? Your search ends here.

Only Veggies brings you the best flavours from across the great land called INDIA! We have a curated menu which is 100% vegetarian and made with fresh ingredients only We do not use any kind of preservatives in our food. Our moto is to serve the community with best Indian delicacies at affordable prices

Our entire menu is homecooked with immence love. Our Home Chefs come from diverse backgrounds, who cook fresh meals from the comfort of their home kitchen. They are passionate housewives with years of experience in cooking Indian food. Their passion to cook & skills in regional cuisines makes them a part of Only Veggies, a platform that enables them to reach more customers & to thrive in their venture.

Enjoy sumptuous homemade food with Only Veggies, Food That Reminds You Of Home

There’s nothing like homemade Indian food!